What's about?

We strengthen video marketing strategies thanks to Blockchain andAI technology for a new, powerful and democratic visual experience.It’s time to change the rules and this is now possible thanks to Blockchain.Imagine what could happen introducing a democratic way of interactionbetween Viewers, businesses and creators in the digital advertising world.We democratize access to work for freelancers and to marketing for Sme's.Our algorithm matches Sme's with the best tailor made team of freelancers.Our ecosystem enables the possibility to change the rules of digital advertisingas we know it today from ideation, creation, management and distribution.Our video sharing platform is just the beginning for enablingfreedom, guarantees and earnings to Creators, Viewers and Businesses.Earn Money creating, watching and sharing video contents.  


Creators don't get as muchvalue as they deserve.Middlemen take the biggest chunkof advertising budgetsCreator's intellectual propertyis not guaranteed and protected

Viewers are left on the sidelinesby the advertising industry.Their are considered justnumbers growing the viewsand feeding advertiser's revenues.

Companies don't get transparentdata insights about theirvideo marketing strategies.Proper video marketing campaignsare too expensive for Sme's.

We have a solution!

Creators get as much value as they deserve cuttingoff middlemen's costs and enabling awhole ecosystem driven by community.Guaranteed creator's IP rights for Creator's contents

Viewers finally become part of the advertisingindustry getting paid for their actions.Improving numbers in terms of views and engagement

Companies can spend less relying on true data insightsbased on blockchain technology, instead ofcentralized algorithms constantly changing.Decrease costs for creation and distribution of video marketing campaigns  


Digital video AD spending in 2017


of the world's internet traffic will be video by 2019


cost reduction by using blockchain technology

What we are developing

A video-sharing web platform based on blockchain where all the actions are regulate by smart contracts and all datas are transparent and visible to everyone.

A tokenization system for managing and enabling economic relationships between businesses, viewers and content creators.

An AI system for analyzing all the datas from users in order to help businesses to invest better in video Ads, viewers to choose best creators to invest on and content creators to develop better quality content.

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